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easy DIY Origami gift boxes

Easy DIY Origami Gift Box Tutorial

February 12, 20244 min read

Have you tried your hand at origami {the art of paper folding} ? These adorable gift boxes are the perfect place to start. They're easy to make, useful, and addicting!

When I'm creating things, I like to do so with love and intention in my mind and through my hands. This concept may seem 'woo woo' to some, but I think it makes a difference! So, here's a little background info for you.

These little boxes are the paper version of Japanese 'masu' boxes, which were originally wooden boxes that were used to measure rice, as rice was a form of currency. Over time, masu boxes became a popular vessel for drinking sake. I think it's fun to think about the origination of crafts, let me know if you enjoy this, too!

Once it's completed your gift box will lock together quite well. Any small items you fill the box with will aslo help hold it all down. However, if you find that an end flap persists in poking up at the bottom of the box, just use a little tape or a cute sticker to keep it in place!

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materials for making origami gift boxes

Gather Your Materials and Supplies:

Origami crafts require very little in terms of materials {which is really nice}.

Before You Begin Folding

You can make your origami box whatever size you'd like. However, you'll want one of your square papers to be 1/2" inch smaller than the other. The larger paper will be the top of the box and the smaller paper will be the bottom. You'll only need the rotary cutter and mat (or scissors) if you need to cut one of the papers 1/2" inch smaller than the other.

If both of your papers that are already the right sizes, you're good to go. If not, you'll want to use your rotary cuttyer and mat (or scissors) to cut one of the papers 1/2" inch smaller than the other. In my photo example, my box lid paper is 12" x 12" inches and my box bottom paper is 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" inches.

How to Make Origami Gift Boxes

Start by turning one of your square pieces of paper over so that the white side is facing up. I usually start with the paper that creates the lid {there's no reason for this, I'm just quirky}.

1.Fold the paper in half horizontally, crease it well, and then unfold it. Now fold the paper in half vertically, crease it well, and then unfold it. There is now two lines creaes and four 'sections' on your paper.

2.Fold the paper in half corner-to-opposite-corner, crease it well, and open it back up. Do the same thing with the last two corners.

3.Now when you open the paper it should look like the creases make a star; having vertical, hoizontal and two cross lines.

How to make origami gift boxes

4.Take one corner and fold it so that it touches the center of the paper. Do this for each of the 4 corners.

5.Now you have what looks like a square envelope.

6.Fold the bottom part up to where the points meet in the center and crease it nicely.

making origami gift boxes

7.Reapeat this with the top part, bringing it down to the middle where the points meet. Crease it well.

8.Fully open the top and bottom flaps. We're going to crease the long side really well to make it easier to fold.

9.Repeat this with the other side.

making origami gift boxes

10.Open the sides so they stand up and you'll notice a natural place where the two sides can be pushed in with your fingers towards the center to create the flap.

11.Press the uppermost part of the triangle flap down into the bottom of the box. You can see how the box is now taking shape. Press and pinch along the top edges to encourage the flap to remain at the bottom of the box.

12.Turn the box around and repeat this for the other side of the box. You will want to fuss with the edges by pressing and shaping to make the box sturdier.

As I mentioned earlier, if one of the flaps won't stay where you'd like it to, just use a little piece of tap ot a cute sticker to hold it in place.

DIY origami gift boxes

Ta-Da!! You've made an adorable, one-of-a kind gift box! I promise that there's no way you'll want to stop at just one.

Follow along and make some origami gift boxes with me!

DIY origamiEasy origami gift boxorigami gift box origami gift box video tutorial
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