Crafting for Others

Your passion for making all the things can change lives. There are countless people, pets, and places that desperately need your talents!

How to choose a charity:

1. Keep an eye out for charitable organizations that speak to your heart.

2. Start with local organizations that need your help by reaching out to local hospitals, emergency services, women's shelters, homeless shelters, nursing homes, animal agencies, and wildlife rescues.

3. For a more global search, we've highlighted some of the amazing programs for you below.

{You're going to be so tickled that you did!}

Project Linus

Project Linus

Project Linus is made up of volunteers, known as “blanketeers,” provide new handmade, washable blankets to be given as gifts to seriously ill and traumatized children, ages 0-18. It is Project Linus' policy to accept blankets of all sizes, depending on local chapter needs.

All blanket styles are welcome, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets in child-friendly colors. Always remember that blankets must be new handmade, washable, free of pins, and come from smoke-free environments due to allergy reasons.

Enchanted Makeovers

Enchanted Makeovers

Since 2007, Enchanted Makeovers’ mission has been to transform homeless shelters for women and children into places that inspire behavioral and psychological change. Through our various projects, mentoring programs and makeovers of the physical space, women and children are introduced to a way of thinking that helps to shift their outlook about their lives and possibilities for the future.

The shelter is transformed into a “beacon of hope”. Mentoring programs such as the“Sacred Sewing Room”, “Stepping into the Dream”and “Capes for Kids” develop important life and coping skills.

Please don't miss out on checking out the amazing transformations and programs over there!

Sew Powerful Purse Project

Sew Powerful Purse Project

In Zambia it’s the common cultural practice in both poor and urban and remote village areas that girls stay home when they are on their period. This is because they don’t have a reliable product solution that they can afford. So to avoid the risk of social embarrassment – they simply stay home. Disposable products are not the solution because there is no garbage collection and the cost is an impossible barrier to overcome. A well made reusable product that replaces their traditional method is the best solution.

This program is a long-term collaboration with the schools. When girls receive a purse they take The Sew Powerful Pledge and promise to stay in school all month if they receive a purse filled with supplies.

We ask seamstresses around the world to help support the program by making the most amazing and beautiful purses - because the girls deserve the best. The purse is the perfect delivery method for the pads, soap, and underwear.

Ryans Case for Smiles

Ryan's Case for Smiles

Ryan’s Case for Smiles (formerly ConKerr Cancer) was founded in 2007 to bring comfort and support to young patients and their families in hospitals around the globe. We started with a simple goal: to create and distribute whimsical pillowcases that give children an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness.

Today, our programs have expanded to include the children’s entire families so they can better navigate and cope with a very difficult experience and avoid long term emotional trauma.

Cards for Hospitlized Kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) is an internationally recognized nonprofit charity that distributes uplifting, handmade cards to Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses in all 50 states. Doctors provide the medicine and CFHK aims to provide hope, joy & magic through cards.

CFHK was founded in 2011 by a high school student named Jen Rubino whose own experiences a "hospitalized kid", undergoing 20+ surgeries, inspired her to start CFHK to help others.

Comfort for Critters

Comfort for Critters

An animal's life can be challenging when they find themselves in an animal shelter. Despite heroic efforts by the staff and volunteers, it's extremely stressful as they are moved from cage to cage, and subjected to new sights and sounds on a daily basis.

Having something to call their own, which provides warmth year-round, familiar smells and a soft touch, can make all the difference. Once the pet is adopted, their blanket provides a cushion against the (wonderful) stress of getting to know their new surroundings and family. Once again, providing something comforting and familiar.

Snuggles Project

Snuggles Project

After being given a Snuggle, a frightened and/or difficult to handle animal is able to become calm. This calming effect gives the animal and the caregiver time to learn how to handle the situation. We believe that this calming effect has saved the lives of many newly-sheltered animals.

The next benefit is to the shelter. The Snuggles provide a more homey environment for shelter visitors and staff. Most animal shelters have an industrial feel to them. This does not present a comfortable atmosphere for shelter visitors to stay very long. By softening the edges and adding color, visitors stay longer and can take more time to find someone to adopt.

Another benefit is the good feeling that the Snuggle maker (aka Snuggler) receives when they create something using a skill that they know and love for someone who really needs their gift.

Knots of Love

Knots of Love

Founded in 2007, our mission is to provide lovingly hand-knit and crocheted beanies to people going through chemo and NICU blankets to babies in neonatal ICU incubators – for free.

We have helped over 615,00 children, adults, and veterans going through chemotherapy and babies in neonatal ICU incubators (NICU).

All of our handmade beanies and blankets are distributed 100% FREE of charge to recipients.

The Kindness Rocks Project

The Kindness Rocks Project

Our Mission:

One message at just the right moment can change someone's entire day, outlook, life.

Angel Gown Program

The Angel Gown Program

Our Angel Gown® Program provides comfort for bereaved families through the gift of a beautiful custom made gown for final photos and for burial services. We provide support resources and mentoring programs for bereaved families as well.

Our program is made possible because of wonderful donors and volunteers who have often experienced the loss of their own children or of another loved one. Brides from around the world donate their precious wedding gowns to NICU Helping Hands. The wedding gowns are then distributed to our team of over 180 seamstresses throughout the United States to convert into perfectly made garments that a family will use to wrap their precious baby in for their final journey.

Our garments are a gift of love from both a bride and a seamstress to honor not only a precious baby but their family as well.

It is a privilege for us to provide gowns free of charge to any hospital or family requesting our Angel Gown® Program garments.

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor

A Quilt of Valor® (QOV) is a quality, handmade quilt that is machine or hand quilted. It is awarded to a Service Member or Veteran who has been touched by war. The Quilt says unequivocally, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice in serving our nation.”

To use the term Quilt of Valor, Quilts of Valor or QOV, the quilt must be a specific size, must have a label with required information, it must be awarded (it is not a gift) and it must be recorded.

Crafting for Wildlife Rescues

Crafting for Wildlife Rescues

WRL rehabilitators, partner veterinarians and volunteer transporters use many kinds of knitted and sewn items to keep wild life warm and cozy. You'll find ideas, patterns, and tutotials for crafting for wildlife care.

Quilts for Kids

Quilts for Kids

Quilts for Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming fabrics into patchwork quilts to comfort children facing serious illness, trauma, abuse and natural disasters.

Our goal continues to be donating over 30,000 quilts yearly and supplying children in need with other much-needed items. With the support of volunteers through our chapters, we can say we have touched the lives of tens of thousands of children yearly. Thank you for always coming to fulfill the needs of the children we seek to comfort. Your quilts make a difference in their lives.

I Found a Quilted Heart

This is one of the simplest ways to give a stranger all the feels! These little sewn hearts (sewn anyway you like) are simple, anonymous, random, and neutral. Just create one and leave your heart in a public place for a random stranger to find to brighten their day! You really need to read the stories on how people are so touched by this simple act of kindness.

(There are some rules, so check out their website!}

Octopuses for Preemies

An idea of giving crocheted octopuses to preemies was born in Denmark in 2013. And apparently it very quickly spread all over the world.

Why crochet octopuses are so important? The studies showed that preemies who cuddled up with these cute octopus toys in their incubators had more regular heartbeats, better breathing, and higher levels of oxygen in their blood.

And that’s because the tentacles of the octopus apparently remind these babies of their mom’s umbilical cords, and the soft bodies remind them of the womb. Not only that, but these babies were also less likely to pull out their monitors and tubes.


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