{Psst ~ This box is worth waiting for!}

Our 'Makers Gotta Make' Subscription Box is in the Works!

Our monthly sewing & needlework boxes are carefully curated to expand your creativity and confidence.

5 Reasons You'll Love Our Maker's Gotta Make Boxes:

1. You enjoy exploring a wide variety of handcraft projects surrounding fabric, needle, and thread.

2. You need a little creative shove trying your hand at new sewing (and hand sewing) techniques!

3. You've got a full schedule and love having an exciting new project that’s ready-to-make the minute you are ready to create!

4. If creating 'authentically over perfectly' encourages and relaxes you.

5. Having a creative outlet feeds your heart and soul and is essential to your mental heath and happiness!

We're thrilled to promote independent designers and artists as much as possible!

Sign up for the waitlist below and be the first to know when our Makers Gotta Make boxes launch!

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