We'd like to give you a little push in the creative direction.

{We've created a weekend-friendly subscription box that's going to tickle you pink!}

Coming August 2024

Are you obsessed with fabric, needle, and thread?

What a coincidence - so are we!

Do you love discovering new things to sew (both by machine and by hand)?

Us, too!

Do you have a full schedule and would love to have sewing projects on hand that are easily completed in a weekend?

Same here!

Is creating things with your hands essential to your happiness?

It's like you're in our heads!

5 Reasons You'll Love Our 'Maker's Gotta Make' Boxes

1. You enjoy exploring handcraft projects surrounding fabric, needle, and thread. Our box themes and projects are different every month.

2. You need a little creative shove trying your hand at new sewing (and hand sewing) techniques!

3. Your calendar is full, but your maker's heart loves having a project on hand that can be completed in a weekend or less?

4. If creating 'authentically over perfectly' encourages and relaxes you.

5. Creating with your hands feeds your heart and soul and is essential to your mental heath and happiness!


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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